Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Agency NYC | Web Development, SEO, and Strategy

Connaissable delivers digital marketing services by focusing on strategy, research, and insights to create opportunities to increase awareness of our clients’ messages. We do this by scaling up from Web site development, SEO, and social media to audience analysis and content creation. The principal of Connaissable is Louis Flores.

Connaissable specialises in civic subjects and has experience getting complex issues on the social agenda.

In 2018, Louis co-managed the multi-channel Queens Against Crowley campaign that made history in New York City. That work successfully laid out a persuasive case that it was time for a political change.

Web marketing essentials

Connaissable offers indispensable basics to create a digital marketing presence.

  • Web site development
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Create social media presence

Audience Analysis and Development

Connaissable offers custom consulting services to help our clients find their audience.

  • Conduct research about audience and traffic
  • Perform data analysis to formulate key insights
  • Create opportunities to expand brand awareness
  • Convert data into stories

Content creation

Connaissable offers consulting services that focus on creating effective content strategies for success.

  • Develop campaign measurement metrics
  • Create compelling (organic) engagement
  • Offer multi-channel audience participation at different levels
  • Manage paid social campaigns

Data analysis and research services

Connaissable has experience obtaining and shaping data to tell meaningful stories from information to provoke a new public awareness and discussion about issues that require attention. To that end, Connaissable has access as marketing manager of the C’est Vrai app to create social media content from raw data to stimulate new online conversations.